Our Story:

Did you know?

Betty epitomizes a modern day queen!

She has the power and agency to be irresistibly
sexy and feminine!

She is educated, deep, 
witty, simple and young-hearted. She is naturally beautiful, honest, brave, loyal and nurturing. She is the whole package; balanced, quirky, open-minded, complex and flawed. She can be raw with her words, and gentle with her touch. She is soulful, connected and driven. A modern day triple-threat, go-getter.

Most commonly found being creative. An entrepreneur, 
wife, mother, daughter, 

Very Betty opening November 17, 2016.  

We provide everything from womens clothing, jewelry, accessories, fabulous gifts, baby gift items, journals and cards, candles and

a select few of mens clothing and grooming products.

We want to make your shopping a fabulous experience!  We will host ladies nights or other in store events; home parties; we will bring

clothes to you if you can't make it in to the store; and we deliver any purchases if you need it!